Founded in 1950, Pittwater Golf Club is a private golf course located at Midway Point, approximately 25km south-east of Hobart, Tasmania. The course overlooks the internationally recognised Orielton Lagoon RAMSAR wetlands, and surrounding hills. Fully irrigated using recycled water from the Penna Valley Irrigation Scheme, the course features 9 lush greens and 16 tees. Our clubroom and bar facilities are open and operated by Club members on competition days. The course and facilities are also available for corporate days year round.

Pittwater warmly welcomes members of affiliated clubs to our course for social golf, and during some club competitions. Use the links above to find out more about Pittwater Golf Club.

News and Results

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Tuesday Stableford – August 9, 2022

Div 1: S. Skelly 36, T. Carey 34 on c/b

Div 2: M. Harriss 35, A. Hall 34

Div 3: D. Cox 34 on c/b, G. Tilyard 34

Balls to 32 on c/b: G. Armstrong 34, G. Seward, S. Long, J. Langford 33, D. Graham, S. Haines, H. Cannan 32

NTP: 4/13: R. Wilshier, 6/15: S. Munster, 8/17: S. Johns

Sunday Stableford – August 7, 2022

Div 1: S. Oxley 38, I. Lawler 33

Div 2: A. Flack 33, S. Allen 32 on c/b

Div 3: M. Whelan 33, Y. Kateros 32

Balls to 31 on c/b: C. Smith, S. O’Neill 32, G. Onn 31

Attention ALL Members:

Regarding Monthly Medal Saturday 6/8/22…

Good morning all,

Due the heavy rain the course is experiencing, some of the course is unplayable, the Monthly Medal for today has been called off.

This will be played at a later date.

Kind regards

Pittwater Golf Club

Attention ALL Members:

All members,

In Scott’s recuperation absence…….

To address an anomaly when a player’s ball is “known or virtually certain” to have been embedded but not found, an additional temporary local rule has been added to the A-board sign.

For interpretation of Rule 16.1e ONLY, the “general area” is declared “abnormal course condition”. This permits a player to proceed under Rule 16.1e without penalty.

Bear in mind that it must be “known or virtually certain” that the player’s ball has embedded to proceed without penalty under Rule 16.1e – otherwise the ball is deemed lost and another ball must be replayed from where the previous stroke was made (i.e. stroke and distance applies). The player and his marker have the final say in determining where and how the player is to proceed – although they should be guided by other group members as and when necessary.

Stefan Johns

Vice Captain

Wednesday Ladies Par – August 3, 2022

Div 1: J. Gregory +3, L. Cotter sq., G. Downey -5

Div 2: L. Munnings -3 on c/b, S. McIntyre -3, B. Chamberlain -4

Visitor: A. Gledhill +5

Balls to -3: L. Cotter sq., S. McIntyre -3

NTP: 4/13: G. Diprose, 8/17: L. Cotter

9 hole comp: J. Salter 15, T. Matthews 14, V. Archer 13

Monthly medal winner (July): G. Downey

Next week (Wednesday 10th): 1st Round Veterans Trophy – stroke.  Played over 2 weeks, fee is $12.00.

Course Details

312 Penna Road, Midway Point, Tasmania 7171

03 6265 2069