News and Results

Wednesday Ladies Stableford – June 22, 2022

Div 1: A. Montgomery 36, J. Gregory 35

Div 2: L. Munnings 28, C. McCullagh 26

Balls down the line: J. Gregory 35, S. Thurley 29, G. Downey 29

9 hole comp: D. Walch 10, J. Salter 9

NTP: 4/13: S. Thurley, 8/17: L. Birch

Tuesday Stroke – June 21, 2022

Div 1: A. Hey 69, S. Skelly 70

Div 2: H. Cannan 66, J. Prestley 71 on c/b

Div 3: J. Atkins 72 on c/b, J Wise 72

Balls to 73 on c/b: S. Johns, G. Seward 71, S. Munster, D. Siggins 72, T. Hughson, V. Lukianenko 73

NTP: 4/13: G. Cannan, 6/15: G. Seward, 8/17: T. Hughson

Sunday Stableford – June 19, 2022

Div 1: G. Onn 34, C. Greenhill 31 on c/b

Div 2: J. Brown 40, C. Smith 37 on c/b

Div 3: I. Richardson 34, M. Geard 32

Balls to 31 on c/b: M. Connelly (CGC) 37, D. Harpham 35, J. Broughton 32, R. Mazengarb, W. Unger 31

Saturday Stroke – June 18, 2022

Monthly Medal June 2022

Winner: S. Sweet 66 on c/b

Div 1:

Gross winner: A. Archer 70

Nett winner: A. Manser 71

Nett runner up: I. Temblett 72 on c/b

Div 2:

Gross winner: J. Boxall 81

Nett winner: R. Webb 67

Nett runner up: J. Broughton 72 on c/b

Div 3:

Gross winner: A. Kruse 103 on c/b

Nett winner: J. Brooks 75

Nett runner up: R. Wilshier 78

Balls to 74 on c/b: S. Shearing, Z. Brockman, S. Cox, K. McMahon 72, B. Mills, C. Smith, D. Wright 73, A. Smith 74


4/13: L. Magrath – sponsored by Trendy Cut Meats Sorell

6/15: S. Shearing – sponsored by Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania Lindisfarne

7/16: S. Noel – sponsored by Dean Kearney ‘TYPEFACE’

8/17: S. Shearing – sponsored by Combined Automotive Solutions

Super pin: S. Shearing

Wednesday Ladies – June 15, 2022

Winter Tournament

Club winner: M. Hagenvoort 35, r/up V. Reid 32

Visitor winner: P. Jackson (Orford) 31 on c/b, r/up V. Watson (Tasmania) 31

Balls down the line: S. McIntyre, L. Birch, V. Watson, G. Diprose


4/13: G. Diprose (Pittwater), P. Jackson (Orford)

8/17 Super Pin: P. Jackson (Orford)

Tuesday Stableford – June 14, 2022

Div 1: P. Williams 38, D. Chapman 32

Div 2: S. Sweet 37, J. Greenall 32 on c/b

Div 3: D. Cox 34, V. Lukianenko 32 on c/b

Balls to 30 on c/b: I. Price, S. Dounton 32, R. Wilshier 31, D. Esling, M. Harriss, G. Tilyard, J. Brooks 30

NTP: 4/13 & 6/15: S. Taylor, 8/17: S. Dounton

Sunday Stableford – June 12, 2022

Winner: D. Harpham 36

Ball: D. Wright 32

Course Update – June 13, 2022

Our schedule is back on track commencing tomorrow at 8.30, followed by the Ladies Winter Cup on Wednesday.

We are aware that there will be quite a few visitors on Wednesday and some will be in carts. With that in mind we are allowing carts back on the course from tomorrow AM.

I can-not reiterate this enough, carts must do the right thing and stick to the outsides of the fairways, preferably in the rough where it is safe to do so. We understand that there is a need for carts to cross over the fairways and that is fine, just avoid wet areas and the fairways as much as possible.

If the cart drivers can’t follow these simple requests we won’t penalise the individual we will prohibit ALL carts from the course until it fully dries out. So if you witness this disregard for your course then kindly remind them otherwise all carts will suffer.

Scott Taylor


Wednesday Ladies – June 8, 2022

4th Round Silver Spoon Stroke

Div 1: G. Diprose 74, M. Hagenvoort 76 on c/b, A. Montgomery 76

Div 2: D. Stephens 77, S. Berry 85, S. McIntyre 86

Balls down the line: A. Montgomery, M. Hagenvoort

Putts: G. Downey, A. Montgomery 32

NTP: 4/13: J. Gregory, 8/17: G. Diprose

Silver Spoon winner: G. Diprose

Monthly Medal: M. Hagenvoort

Monthly gross: Div 1: M. Hagenvoort, Div 2: S. Berry

WINNERS are GRINNERS: G. Diprose (Div 1 and Silver Spoon winner) and D. Stephens (Div 2 winner)

Tuesday Stableford – June 7, 2022

Div 1: P. Williams 36, D. Guc 34

Div 2: K. Ring 39, M. Harriss 35

Div 3: V. Lukianenko 34 on c/b, H Cannan 34

Balls to 31 on c/b: L. Foster, S. Munster 32, K. Treweek, A. Hey 31

NTP: 4/13: V. Lukianenko, 6/15: P. Williams, 8/17: G. Armstrong

Sunday Stableford – June 5, 2022

Div 1: C. Davis 34

Div 2: J. Broughton 35

Div 3: B. Sinnitt 33 on c/b

Balls to 32: P. Williams, C. Perkins 33, C. Smith 32

Reynolds Trophy Results – June 4, 2022

Men’s: A. Reynolds def. D. Wright 3/1.

Ladies: N. Bingham def. G. Downey

The Reynolds Trophy, formally the C.A. Reynolds Memorial Trophy, was donated by the Reynolds family in memory of Mr Clem Reynolds, father of Jim and Bill Reynolds. The handicap match play event follows a 16-player single-elimination format played over three weeks, and has been held continuously since 1955 (men, 1960 ladies). The Reynolds Trophy continues to be one of PGC’s most prestigious events.

The men’s final between Andrew Reynolds and Denis Wright was played in cold but adequate golfing conditions, with the course in good condition for the game. With a large group of members in tow, the match proved to be a close contest with Andrew managing to close the door by winning the 17th hole for his second victory in two years.

The ladies final between Nina Bingham and Gill Downey was played mid-week in cold, wet and windy conditions, with Nina being crowned winner. Credit to both ladies for toughing the conditions for a hard fought match.

Saturday 3 Person Ambrose – May 4, 2022

Winners: S. Long, A. Mullen, A. Small 60 ⅚

Runners up: R. Webb, J. Broughton, M. Bannister 61


4/13: P. Williams – sponsored by Trendy Cut Meats Sorell

6/15: K. McMahon – sponsored by Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania Lindisfarne

7/16: G. Absolom – sponsored by Dean Kearney ‘TYPEFACE’

8/17: A. Small – sponsored by Combined Automotive Solutions

Wednesday Ladies – June 1, 2022

9 hole Stableford winner: M. Hagenvoort 16

Paussie Trophy winner: V. Reid r/up S. Thurley

The Reynolds Trophy and the Paussie was played even though the weather was foul! Nina Bingham won the Reynolds Trophy with Gill Downey was Runner Up. Valerie Reid won the Paussie with Shirley Thurley as Runner up. Many, many thanks to Sue MacIntyre who braved the awful conditions to be the Club Referee.

WINNERS are GRINNERS: N. Bingham (Reynolds Trophy winner) and V. Reid (Paussie Trophy winner)

Tuesday Stableford – May 31, 2022

Div 1: K Treweek 41, S Munster 36

Div 2: S Sweet 36 on c/b, W Wells 36 on c/b

Div 3: T Hughson 35, P Archer 34 on c/b

Balls to 34: H Cannan, S Dounton 36, G Armstrong, S Skelly, I Richardson 35, G Tilyard, G Eberle 34

NTP: 4/13: M Harriss, 6/15: S Haines, 8/17: W Vince